Behaviour Plan

We believe in taking an approach to behaviour management which is based around restorative practices similar to the PB4L model.

"Restorative Practice is a relational approach to school life grounded in beliefs about equality, dignity, mana and the potential of all people.

The Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Restorative Practice model focuses on building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships across the school community and offers school staff best-practice tools and techniques to restore relationships when things go wrong. By building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships within a school, staff to staff, staff to student and student to student, issues are more easily managed.

PB4L Restorative Practice is based on a set of best practice tools and techniques to support a consistent and sustainable approach to managing positive, respectful relationships within the school." (

In 2017 Staff and Students collaborated to develop a school wide behaviour plan to complement our school values. It consists of a series of clear steps which children move through and which encourages children to take responsibility for their behaviour.


  • Verbal warning


  • Take responsibility for your behaviour. Own up and apologise.


  • Time out - 10 minutes with your work.


  • Miss play/lunch. Thinking sheet filled out with the teacher. Bring it back signed the next day.


  • Principal's office. You phone home and explain your behaviour.

Further information can be found by reading our behaviour policy here.