Reporting to Parents

We have an open door environment and encourage informal communication before and after school. Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to contact their child's teachers with any questions or concerns.

In Terms 1 & 3 whanau hui are held. In term 1 All Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to book a 15 minute time slot per child to speak with the teacher about their child and set goals around the key competencies, PURIRI values or the Enviroschools/Te Whariki guiding principles . These discussions can be most beneficial when parents/caregivers come prepared with some positives about their child to share with the teacher and some questions to develop their own understanding about the school environment and their child's social progress.

In term 3 Whanau hui are an opportunity for the child to share work they are proud of and center around each child discussing their work with their parents. All teachers are available to join in the conversations when required as children work with different kaiako for different curriculum areas.

Written academic reports are sent out at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Times can be made to discuss the reports should parents/caregivers wish to.

Throughout the year learning stories are shared regularly through EDUCA. These are intended to be informative, real time reporting and should give families a much more thorough understanding of their child's progress than either the conferences or written reports.