Waitoriki Whenua

Waitoriki Whenua is a hands-on approach to learning. It is a programme for developing students ability to think and act in a sustainable way so they will know how to grow their own vegetables, to cook nutritious food from the garden, to think of others, to develop a sense of community within our school and wider district, to be resourceful and to take care of our environment.

It is a student led programme where the students see a need, problem or question. They research possible solutions, choose a solution then create the solution. The students reflect on their design and if necessary refine the original solution to ensure it works.

Waitoriki Whenua is about the Key Competencies (thinking, communicating and participating, managing self, using language symbols and text and relating to others) and is vital to developing young people who can operate in the world of the future.

A special feature of our Waitoriki Whenua program is Small Stream Cuisine. On Friday mornings a small group of students work in the kitchen to cook produce that has been grown in our vegetable garden. Another group of students set the tables, lay crockery and cutlery, put vases with flowers out on tablecloths with our original placemats. It is quite an occasion where we enjoy each others company and try new foods. Parents and community members are periodically invited to join in.