Education Outside the Classroom

From time to time we head out of the school grounds to supplement our classroom learning and extend our experiences with EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom). These trips usually have a sporting, cultural or environmental focus and could be just in to Inglewood or a full day trip away.

Every time we leave the school grounds, you will be notified of the reason, date, times, destination and any other relevant information.

On enrolment, and at the beginning of each year, a form is sent home to be signed giving blanket permission for all trips within school hours. This saves parents having to worry about getting forms returned on time and help staff with the organisation of each trip. If parents receive notification throughout the year for an event they do not want their child to participate in they simply need to notify the school before the event to override this permission on that occasion.

Any overnight events such as camp or trips which go outside of normal school hours will have a separate permission slip sent home with the information notice.

Overnight Camps have always been an important part of our school program and once a year the whole school heads off together for a one night overnight camp. Every 2nd year the senior students venture further afield on a longer camp or alternately go to vertical horizons. This is fund-raised for to keep costs as low as possible.