Computers and Connectivity

At Waitoriki School we have a limited number of devices so we have chosen to be a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school, to enable access to the internet for as many children as possible. We are also a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) based school. GAFE gives us a safe environment to set up and monitor a gmail account and google drive for each student. Both of these are accessible by students and parents from any device allowing students to easily complete work at home, share their work with family and even send links to relatives further away.

There are a few rules around BYOD and should your child wish to bring a device to school a separate form will need to be completed and signed by the child and parents.

As part of our inquiry based curriculum and to provide national and international opportunities for our students, the internet is used regularly. The school runs on the Network 4 Learning provided by the Ministry of Education which provides us with a safer (but not bullet proof) internet environment. Internet safety is taught at the beginning of each year and all reasonable steps are taken to ensure students internet experiences are safe and positive.

We promote our school and keep in touch with our wider community in a variety of different ways including our school Facebook page and YouTube channel, local and regional newspapers and the Inglewood Moa Mail. In these situations photos are regularly used. In group photos we try to avoid naming individual children but there are times when we do need to include names. In these situations we use first names only. Please be aware that photos and articles from these publications are often shared on the publications website and facebook page.

On enrollment parents are asked to sign a form giving permission or declining the school to use their children's photos in media.